Current Statistics From ACC International

Dear friends of the ACC,

Enclosed you will find current statistics from ACC International.

Thanks to your donations and support, it was possible during the difficult Corona period (2019 – 2021)
many people who live in the surrounding villages and suffer from great poverty, in the famine
to help and make their lives easier. (Attachment 1)
Approximately 25 million meals were distributed to 115,936 starving people. Masks to protect against covid-19,
sanitary items and nearly 3,000 wheelchairs were also made available to those in need.

In Attachment 2 you can see that by the end of 2021 a total of 1295 children lived and studied in 7 ACC centers. Here see
listed in figures how many children attended elementary school and how many children attended high school.
You can also see that in 2021 through the CBO program (Community Based Organization)
a total of 6.36 million meals were distributed to sick seniors and children affected by poverty.

A big thank you to all of you!


The ACC Germany e.V. team

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