Bodhi Park: an agricultural model concept for Amitofo Care Centers

In his endeavor to pass on the humanitarian aid work of the ACC in Africa, Master Huili seeks ways that remain viable, especially for the children, and promise to be future-proof. The Bodhi Park concept could offer such an instrument. Since the first olive tree was planted in Cape Town in 1996, more than 120 hectares of olive trees and 400 hectares of rooibos tea trees have grown in Bodhi Park.

Bodhi Park supports 4 concepts and continues the power of love:
1. Respect for life
2. Caring for the planet, looking after it, taking care of it.
3. Integration into nature and society (in both, in all directions)
4. Learning with one another to attain enlightenment.

In addition, avocado and lemon trees as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables such as watermelons, pumpkins, cantaloupes etc. are planted so that they can offer orphans job opportunities in the future and gradually become self-sufficient. The residents can also be supplied and given job opportunities so that they can sustainably maintain operations. The founder’s wish: That the Cape Town Bodhi Park model be applied to all Amitofo Care Centres in the near future can be also used in other countries so that the many orphans living in Africa can receive education and grow up healthy.