2 Einladungen im September mit der Bitte um frühzeitige Anmeldung

2 Einladungen im September mit der Bitte um frühzeitige Anmeldung

(Details entnehmt Ihr bitte den Anhängen)

14:15 -Registrierung und Vorbereitung
15:00-16:00 Klangschale-Therapie
16:00-16:20 Q&A
16:20-17:00 Tee Time
17:15 – Ausklang

14:15 -Registrierung und Vorbereitung
15:00-16:00 Klangschale-Therapie
16:00-16:20 Q&A
16:20-17:00 Tee Time
17:15 – Ausklang

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Singing Bowl Sound Healing – 頌缽聲音療癒




The harmonic frequencies of singing bowls have the power to purify negative energy fields and emotions, regulate the endocrine and glandular systems, relax brain cells, cleanse energy channels known as chakras, and awaken the

innate self-healing abilities within individuals, promoting harmony of body, mind, and spirit.

Western medicine has confirmed that the resonance and vibraton of singing bowls can directly reach deep within human cells, transforming magnetc felds and fine-tuning the frequencies of various organs in the body. This not only enhances blood circulaton but also stmulates the body’s self-healing capabilites, allowing for adjustment and purifcaton.

頌缽音律是宇宙能量能淨化負面磁場與情緒層面,調節內分泌與腺 體系統,放鬆腦神經細胞,淨化脈輪能量通道,讓被療癒者開啟自 我療癒的本能,達到和諧的身心靈。

經西方醫學證實,頌缽的共鳴和共振可直達人體細胞深處,將磁場 轉化並微調身體各器官的頻率,不單可促進血液循環,亦可激發人 體的自癒能力,使身體獲得調整與淨化。 

Aneel Kumar Thapa was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. In 2003, he moved to Taiwan for a beter life with his family, but many hardships followed for 14 years which led to a batle with anxiety and depression. His life changed with the introducton of sound therapy through the singing bowls which were brought by his father. Aneel went on to study back in Nepal, Bhutan and India to learn from 6 diferent sound therapy teachers. Afer years of practcing, he started helping people around him and doing group sound therapy sessions with his wife Miya. He has seen how the power of sound can heal and repair to beter the lives of many. He has performed more than three thousand private healing sessions and has taught people all around the globe. He hopes to contnue to share this practce, which has changed his life and many around him.

Aneel Kumar Thapa 出於尼泊爾加德滿都。 2003 年,他為了追求更美好的生活與家人 搬到了台灣,但接連 14 年的困難使他陷入了焦慮和抑鬱的困境。他的生活在父親所 帶來的頌缽介入下發生了改變。 Aneel 回到尼泊爾、不丹和印度學習來自 6 位不同聲 音療癒老師的知識。經過多年的練習,他開始與太太 Miya ㄧ起幫助周圍的人,並組 織團體聲音療癒課程。他見證了聲音的力量如何能夠療癒和修復,從而改善了許多人 的生活。他已經進行了超過三千次的私人療癒課程,並在全球各地教授人們。他希望 繼續分享這種改變了他自己生活以及周圍許多人生活的實踐。 

Miya was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In order to support her family and help her husband Aneel regain his life goals, she atended the Sound Healing Training at the India Sound Healing Academy in 2018. Together with Aneel, they provide individual healing sessions, group healing, and teaching in various locatons. Afer years of self-experience and practce, Miya began promotng parent-child healing, women’s energy cultvaton, and training more women to learn a second skill for employment services. Along the path of teaching and promotng sound healing, she discovered that the core value of sound healing is love and companionship. She hopes to use her experience and learning to accompany every person in the world.

Miya 生長於台灣高雄。 為了家庭和協助自己的先生 Aneel 能夠重拾人生的目標ㄧ起 努力,在 2018 年參與印度聲音療癒學院的頌缽聲音療癒培訓,與 Aneel ㄧ起到每個 地方服務個案療癒、團體療癒和授課。 經過幾年的自我經驗累積與練習,開始推動 親子療癒、女性能量僻靜,培訓更多女性學習第二專長進而就業服務,在這些教學與 推廣聲音療癒的道路上,她發現聲音療癒最重要的核心價值,就是愛與陪伴。 她期盼可以運用自己的經驗與學習,陪伴世界上的每一個人。